• Bookkeeping
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll Submission to Provider
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Income Statements
  • Month End Close
  • Affiliate Commission Payments
  • 1099s & 1096s
  • Quickbooks Delivery to CPA for Tax
  • Chargeback Disputes


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A My CFO Pro is an experienced professional in the fields of accounting and finance that has been trained to service the unique needs of companies in the affiliate marketing & internet based business industry.  

Our internally developed systems & automation allow a My CFO Pro to personally handle several businesses daily, weekly, monthly and annual needs.

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Tim Krulia, My CFO Pro since 2009




- When should we hire the next employee?  How do we calculate & process a W-2's payroll?

- Can I afford to pay my affiliates 50% commission splits + 10% for 2nd tier affiliates?

- Are my PPC campaigns ROI positive?

- How many orders of product "X" did we sell at price point "Y" during the time period "Z"?

- What is the minimum gross margin % we need to retain from product sales to cover our fixed costs and still collect a 33% net income profit?

- Is 100% of the money I am earning in my Shopping Cart correctly processing though the Merchant Account and being deposited into my Bank?

- I have a large e-mail list of past buyers and several products for sale.  Am I maximizing my assets?

- What % change does my upsale conversion rate need to increase by so my average revenue per front end product order is over $200?

- What is my average # of unique clicks per successful sale of my main front end product?

- I have a subscription product.  What is the average lifetime revenue earned per customer that takes a trial? 

- What are my monthly and annual refund rates for all my individual products? 

  • Income Statement Analysis & Recommendations
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) Reporting
  • Annual Budget
  • Business Modeling & Scenario Analysis
  • Continuity/ Subscription Retention Rates
  • Earnings Per Click (EPC) Calculations & Promotions Analysis
  • Funnel Conversion Calculations & Analysis
  • Cash Management & Planning
  • Ad Hoc Reporting



  • Peace Of Mind - know that every dollar moving into and out of your business is professionally monitored.
  • Time Leveraging - spend your time growing your business and not working in it.
  • Business Development - improve systems, efficiency and professionalism.
  • Decision Making Confidence - receive trusted advice & recommendations based on factual analysis.



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My CFO Pro is a service provided by My Headquarters Pro, LLC DBA My CFO Pro (www.MyHQPro.com)



"Tim and his My CFO Pro team are the remote CFO for 4 separate companies that I own or am an investor in. If that doesn't show my confidence and amazement in what these guys and gals can do... I don't know what does. Before My CFO Pro I was stressed about the financial stuff... because I was doing it all. Even when I hired a local CPA firm to handle my books for a small company of mine... I was constantly double checking things, having to explain to them how this "online business" model works... etc. My CFO Pro specializes in web based businesses... and they're a full-service firm. I don't worry about any of that stuff now... because I've now got the data, resources, proper reports, and support from these guys, so I can focus on growing my business with the financial intelligence they provide me each month.  I highly recommend them to anyone truly looking for a partner on the financial side who is vested in helping you grow and reach your goals." - Trevor Mauch


"I have been working with Tim Krulia for 18 months now and hiring him to be my CFO has been hands down one of the "best business decisions I've made.  Tim is hard working, diligent and has impeccable attention to detail.  Tim's company has taken a number of important tasks off my hands:  bookeeping, chargeback disputes, contractor and affiliate partner payments, financial reporting andmore.  All those tasks are now performed far better than before Tim came along. But more importantly, Tim brings clarity and insight to the numbers. In turn, these insights help us make important tweaks and pivots in strategy, which then lead to massive increases in the bottom line.  That is really where Tim and his company shine.  I would recommend Tim to anyone." - Daniil Kleyman


"These guys are an incredible asset to our growing online business. Look, I'm really great at what I do and love driving the company, but the financial side of things is NOT my core strength, nor should it be. We needed help in that area pretty bad. I knew I needed more than a bookkeeper, but couldn't really absorb the cost of bringing a full-time corporate CFO on board. That's where My CFO Pro has been a perfect fit for us. They're an advocate for our business, and bring the CFO-level input and insight that my business needs, but with a pricing structure that makes so much better sense, and only grows as my business grows. We love it, and I honestly don't know how we got by without them all those years." - JP Moses

"The biggest problem most entrepreneurs have is that they don't have a company like My CFO Pro handling their finances. My CFO Pro has my highest recommendation." - Patrick Riddle

"The guys at My CFO Pro have done an amazing job at getting my finances in order. I finally have clarity as to what my business is doing each month, and I'm now able to have dependable projections as to how the future is going to play out. My CFO Pro pays attention to the trends of my business and makes specific pin pointed advice as to what I should do next, plus it has given me the ability to focus on what I'm great at doing, which is not finances. If you're looking for someone to help in the financial department of your business, I could not recommend My CFO Pro more.

Do what I did a few years ago, hire them... your business and bank account will thank you for it." - George Rivera

My Headquarters Pro, LLC is a BBB Accredited Business Consultant in Duluth, GA